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    And the first person to check in was 's Charley Uchea, which we'll get to see on tonight's highlights. I had a wicked time."Do you wish you'd stayed a bit longer? Don't get me wrong, it's a bit different to when I was there because we get locked in the bedroom at 2am - I was drunk so I wanted to party on! Before he said that I was like, 'Do you just do this with all the girls that come in? He didn't say it to Helen, he didn't say it to Aisleyne. He might have rubbed me up the wrong way after a few weeks if I was there longer. I think he got in with Helen and Helen went for it. No, I don't think he was definitely the reason why Brian left. I don't know how he's portrayed out here, I have no idea - I really don't. I didn't think Helen would win it last year, but she did! I think he's too strong a character in there to win it.She checked out again today after one night so we got her on the phone to find out what the experience was like - from flirting with Marc, to who should be evicted, to why there are condoms lying about all over the house... I got told to shut up by Big Brother because I wouldn't stop talking and John [Mc Cririck] was trying to sleep beside me. I wasn't looking to go in and have more rows like I did before - it's been a few years, I've grown up a bit since the last time I was there! But I don't know if he was faking it - maybe he did like me! "There were a few rows about him antagonising Brian and pushing Brian to leave. We all know that what Helen said was wrong, but we all know that arguments happen in the house. He left because of Helen, but as they were a team, he's now getting stick for it because she's left. He gave me the giggles."Do you think he could be in with a chance of winning then? They usually go for someone a bit safer, don't they?In previous episodes there have been a couple of plot twists that I didn't see coming, which was fun.I really like Abraham and Chloe and always look forward to hearing them speak.I mean, they all talking about doing whatever, let's not go there, on their own.There's all condoms around the house which I couldn't understand because there's no sex going on - it's just really peculiar!Amy Alexandra He had a 2 year stint wrestling for IPW: UK.can't get enough of former housemates this series, and this week the Hotel BB shopping task will see a whole host of special guests popping in for a (probably not so luxury) stay. "It was definitely strange but other than that it was brilliant, to be honest. "Probably, and also he probably thought when I'm in there for the night I might have the cameras more on me, because I know he enjoys the cameras. I don't know if he was faking it - he said he usually likes mixed race girls and I'm just his type. Obviously I'm only in there for the night so I don't really know his character.

    Big Brother 8 was the longest series of Big Brother UK, and the twins were the first to enter on Launch night and second to last to leave on the final night.

    I don't think I'd have liked to stay longer than a week, I'm not going to lie, but two more days I think would have been fab."Do you feel like you made the most of your time? "You were so controversial when you were on the first time - how do these housemates compare? The only thing I can say is that going back into that house, they made me feel very welcome and they're very calm and nice people. Whereas on my year I think everybody, where it might have been a bit newer than this is, they tried too hard in my year. At the end of the day, I think he's just there to have a laugh. I haven't watched so I don't know too much of how he is but I had a laugh with him, I thought he was a lovely guy. The rest of them are lovely characters but they're just a bit quiet. But good luck to whoever wins and if he wins, good luck to him."You spoke to Harry and Nick about their relationship - what's going on there?

    The reason I was argumentative before was that they rubbed me up the wrong way, I was there a lot longer and they were all dull if I'm going to be really honest."Marc seemed to take a liking to you - what did you make of that? I haven't watched the show that much because I've been away, but what I'd say is that Aisleyne was getting the hump with me now and then because she thought I was sticking up for him a bit when John was going to have a go at him. It was all banter really."Would you like to see him on the outside? He's a bloody wind-up merchant, don't get me wrong, because he kept coming wherever I was and doing this loud scream, and I mean you jump out of your body. "You know what, I think they're all virgins in the house!

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    Violent animal attacks upon humans are occurring all over the world. If you expect everything to be spot on, then you clearly do not understand the concept of "entertainment." When I'm watching educational programming, I expect the writers and the producers to check their facts.

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