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    Price: for children - for adults Address: 845 Avison Way (Stanley Park)Hours: Daily 10 a.m. Phone: (604) 659-3474Website: The Vancouver Aquarium is the perfect rainy day date. While Blu Ray players were almost non existent in 2008, it was definitely worth the special price of 9 paid for it at the time. The Good: Excellent picture quality, loaded with deep blacks and excellent contrast and color richness. Also if you want to see a scene over again or slow things down to understand what happened in a fast or complicated scene, forget it, this player has no such capability, it is just a "player only."The Ugly: The USB port that you are supposed to plug a micro drive into so you can take advantage of BD is so recessed into the back of the player and the opening so narrow that no micro drive I have found is narrow enough to fit into it. Conclusion: If you want top notch Blu-ray quality with superior upscaling of normal DVD's and are willing to accept that all this player does is play discs, you can do nothing more, and if you are willing to accept that you will have to buy accessories to get a micro drive to work on this player so you can use the BD feature, then for the price, this player is impossible to beat.

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    And most importantly, remember that everything I just said is a complete and utter lie.

    Prom is a four-letter word that marks neither the beginning nor the end of the rest of your life.

    Prom is absolutely the most significant event of your entire existence.

    It is more important than getting married, having babies, launching a successful career and traveling combined.

    Your prom experience (or lack thereof) will not get you into a good college, land you an impressive job or help you give birth to the next President of the United States.

    Despite what popular media may suggest, not attending prom will not label you a social outcast or ruin your reputation.

    If you do not go to prom, know that you will forever be labeled the prom anti-Christ and every single person in high school will remember that you didn’t go and judge you for it.The Ancient Roots of Ostracism The modern word “ostracism” comes from an ancient Athenian political practice in which a person could be removed for 10 years if enough citizens expressed this desire through a vote cast on a pottery shard (ostrakon).Interestingly, ostracism was often used preemptively as a way neutralizing someone who might be a threat to the state.From social exclusion on the playground to being ignored in the workplace, ostracism is among the most devastating experiences we can endure, deeply connected to our most fundamental human need to be recognized and accepted.Ostracism can reshape the human brain, and in extreme cases, even make a person want to go on a killing spree.

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