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    Für das Design unserer Video-Chat-Umgebung haben wir auf Simplizität gesetzt, sodass Sie sich nicht großartig mit der Bedienung aufzuhalten brauchen und sich gleich ins Chat-Geschehen stürzen können.

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    Are you physically attractive so that you're aesthetically pleasing? That's not to say that relationships that bloom from the workplace are impossible, or that they are destined to fail. If you two work in different departments or different floors, the potential for workplace gossiping (and there will be gossiping) will probably be kept to a minimum.

    Are you highly emotionally intelligent and sensitive to a partner's needs? Are you experienced in relationships, so that you know exactly how to support someone? Far too many people erroneously presume that a relationship somehow completes them, or that a relationship will add value to their lives. I was wondering if you’d like to hang out with me sometime? Asking someone out in any kind of work setting is iffy, whether you are co-workers or you're a customer pining after an employee. The phrase "don't dip your pen in the company ink" exists for a reason--work romances can, like any other relationship, can go south, and as a result it can lead to workplace drama that most would very much rather avoid. A good rule of thumb: Is this job important to your career?

    minor scenarios and basic questions of what is an ultimately confusing and emotionally driven aspect of most people’s lives.

    If you bring nothing to the table, you're going to have a very shitty, codependent, dysfunctional relationship. " isn't enough; it's all too often that people with good intentions have terrible execution. You need to be okay with yourself, and what you have to offer before you can pursue in a healthy manner. The new OT is almost called “just ask her out already” for a reason; instead of anguishing over whether or not it’s the right move, just… ” In the bad example, the intentions are very easily misconstrued, and can very easily be seen as someone just wanting to chill as friends. They're at work, in a position where (typically) being rude to another person is very frowned down upon.

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    We really need to think about who we have representing us and how the election is rigged to keep them in office. The back up candidate to Housing Highjacker or Newfrye is of course Ratchett (Danielle Hill). With such a small number of people voting, at most 600 -700, you don’t need voting machines.

    These open spaces naturally are riddled with trails -- some dating to pre-Colonial times.

    This, combined with a number of outstanding areas such as the Berkshires, Cape Cod, etc.

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