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    Dave shares about the ancient sex rooms he saw while he was there and ancient Andy wants to try as many as he can.

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    The only interesting thing about Van Halen, after the music stops, is me. The first one is: 'Yeah, I think you're trying to ask me this, but I'm gonna talk about whatever the fuck I want.' The second is: 'I see what you're see what you're asking but I'm gonna talk about whatever the fuck I want.' And the third one is: 'Oh, I see. ""Van Halen was one of the most hallelujah, tailgate, backyard, BBQ, arrive four hours early to the gig just for the parking lot bands. They wound up married with children, and I'm by myself, never happy staying in any one place for too long.""Most people are surprised that I spend most of my time alone.It's not that I do so much, it's that they do so goddamn little! CHAZZ (loses his cool) Get the fuck out of here, cop! You're asking me this, lemme say something first and then I'm gonna talk about whatever the fuck I want.' It's quite an open forum.""After you take out the managers' percentage, the agents' percentage, the money for the roadies, the lighting, the trucks, the buses, the sound and everything, the most I'll probably see as far as money goes after it's all said and done, is..island.""People are always asking me, 'Dave, what's it mean when you say somebody's rockin' or somebody's not rockin'? I lived with a girlfriend for a couple of years, but that's over now. I do that now too and that's what makes me happy""I found me a gal who is a Princeton graduate, front of the class, OK, comes from academic family, and plays roller hockey full contact, 2,3 times a week, and I mean full contact. ""There's a little Van Halen in all of us, and we're just trying to bring it out.But this is something he's actively trying to change. The stars I see in a lot of people's eyes are because of the uniform, not because of the pilot inside."David Lee Roth has seen some shit and he has to tell you about it. He lives here alone with Russ, his 7-year-old Australian cattle dog, currently at his side; when there is band business to attend to, it's attended to here by production staffers and assistants, and his sister lives in the suite above the garage.He owes this movable feast to leaving — quitting, getting kicked out of: pick your version of the legend — what was, at the time of his messy exit, the biggest, most over-the-top band in the world. He still has a place in New York City and has spent much of the past year at his new apartment in Tokyo. no offense ok, this just made me a little bothered because your story is too modern for eddie. you seem like you've got potential but you may need to work a little on grammar and writing.Diamond Dave has a way with words like no other entertainer. Scratching your head thinking "What the fuck did he just say? Either laughing your ass off hysterically at something that Dave said 2.

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    The incident occurred just as the group had finished performing the song "In A Simple Rhyme" and was launching into "Dirty Movies".Once upon a time, a beautiful young aspiring actress stumbled across the leading female role in a movie, she would audition for and land the part in her first ever feature film.Little did she know that a music phenomenon was about to supervene, and her face would be at the center of it. It stars a rock n roll “Prince” with his purple motorcycle, an iconic lake purifying scene, an epic Grammy award winning sound track and a gorgeous “Sex Shooter” that burst upon the screen shootin’ love in every direction. Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete. Please report any comments that suggest the person is gay or had sex with anybody or has an STD.

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